Sunday, 5 January 2014

Planning a concert:

Planning a concert:

1.     Open air.
2.    Seats placed with lots of area, so that people can stand and move around.
a.     About 3 feet, I suppose, in front of each seat, and seats spaced out, about 2 feet on each side.
b.     Might be reduced seating capacity, but hey! The fans who do get in, will probably have a better time.
                                              i.     Quality, not quantity….
c.     asdsaf
3.    Probably a canopy in case it rains, but if I’m playing, it won’t.  But you never know….
4.    An intermission at 49 minutes, for 7 minutes…
a.     I don’t have to come out immediately, might do stuff backstage before stepping out, so tell the audience 10 minute.  Who’s going to tell the audience…. Me.
                                              i.     Am I going to have a backstage…?  Just a curtained off area, I suppose….. I might stay on stage for those 7 – 10 minutes also…
b.     asfsadf
5.    Ya, I suppose I should have some other artists too, in case  …. Just in case…. You never know what might happen….  But I’ll probably start, do and end the show.
6.    Food counters around the seating area, for after the show….  So that’s why at receptions people talk before they eat.  Hmmmm.
a.     Corn on the cob.
b.     Black coffee.
c.     A small bowl of whole-grain whole-lentil sambar-saadam.  (recipe to be found at my other blog…------)
d.     Fruits – whatever is in season.  Please pick from the below list. 
                                              i.     Any unpeeled fruit. 
1.     Orange
2.    Plantain
3.    Whole unpeeled litchis.
4.    Rambutaan unpeeled, maybe on the stalk, for better effect, but individual for ease of serving.  Ya, put both.
5.    Custard apple. On a plate, because it could get messy – has lots of seeds.
e.     Provide wet-napkins to wipe the fruit
                                              i.     Apple (Fuji)
                                            ii.     Guava
f.     asdasf
7.    asfddf
8.    But some eat and then do, so ya, let the choice be there….
a.     Eat and bless the Lord when you are full, for a Praise and worship session.
                                              i.     Hmmm.  Probably not yet… But I’m getting there.
b.     The rock beat meets gospel…  Oh!  I’ve already done that….  Please see my page at L. E. A. Anndrea….
9.    Staff to sweep up the grounds after the concert, and after the chairs are removed to V. V. Giri, if they’re still around.   Probably are… Hope so.   Saw those chairs, years ago….

10.  asdfasdf

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